What is Immersion Heater and How to Maintenance

What is an Immersion Heater?

Immersion Heater is a heating element designed in a device attached to a tank or container to heat liquids such as water, oil, resin, salt solution, sugar, chemicals, wax, asphalt, paraffin and solid materials with low melting point properties. The way to use it is by dipping the immersion heater into the media to be heated.


Immersion Heater has advantages including product construction that can be customized to customer needs, both in terms of heavy duty and lifetime. But in this case, the Immersion Heater also has a vulnerability that needs to be considered and careful when using it, that is, it will cause overheating if the hot zone is not immersed in the heated medium and will cause overvoltage.


To maintain the stability of Immersion Heater product, there are tips and ways to care for Immersion Heaters that are more effective, including:

  • Clean the heating surface regularly
  • Then  tighten the Immersion Heater terminal bolts
  • And check the amount of media to be heated
  • When you want to use an Immersion Heater, make sure the Heat Zone is always submerged with the media to be heated
  • And finally set the appropriate voltage


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