United Heater Change Uniforms to Strengthen The Identity

The use of uniforms is usually regulated by each agency again adjusted to the color of the company's identity. Uniforms can signify a company identity because inside the uniforms there are company logos and company names that can make it easier for the public and company clients to recognize the company's characteristics. leave a professional impression.


Therefore the use of uniforms in a company is very important, especially the use of uniforms at United Heater. All employees up to company leaders at United Heater are required to wearing uniforms which have become company regulations and signify company identity.


United Heater changed the uniform from blue and white to white and red black containing the logos of PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri and United Heater on the front of the uniform, then containing the link to the official United Heater website on the back of the uniform, which is also useful for introducing to the general public. regarding the new United Heater website and featuring the United Heater logo on the back of the uniform.


Of course, in changing the uniform, the United Heaters chose a color that was more in line with the identity of the red and yellow of United Heater logo. Each color in the United Heater logo has its own meaning, the red color signifies courage and enthusiasm, the yellow color signifies wisdom, quality and light.With this change in uniform, it is hoped that United Heater will become more easily recognized and can create brand awareness among the public, so that when the general public sees employees wearing uniforms with identical white, red and black colors and featuring the United Heater logo on that back, it is understandable. that the employee is from United Heater.


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