The Unemployment Rate in Tangerang City Increases Every Year, PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri Opens Vacancies at the Job Fair

Tangerang -The Tangerang City Employment Service noted that as many as 21,762 application files were submitted during the Job Fair event which was held at the Benteng Reborn Stadium, 26-27 February 2023.

“The figure is the total, because one applicant can apply to several companies at once. With an average of one applicant registering at 10 existing companies or positions," said the Head of the Tangerang City Manpower Office, Ujang Hendra, quoted on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

Reporting from, Yanto, as Head of the Tangerang Muslim Student Union Branch, criticized the booming job seekers because of the high unemployment rate in the city of Tangerang.

Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) in Tangerang City is increasing every year, until 2022, the number of open unemployed in Tangerang City will reach 85,324 people.

In response to this, on 26 - 27 February 2023 PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri contributed by opening jobs for several positions by participating in Job Fair activities held by the Tangerang City Government in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the City of Tangerang which was held at the Stadium Benteng, Tangerang and is the biggest Job Fair ever held in Tangerang City.

In this Job Fair activity, there were several job vacancies provided by PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri including Engineering Drafter, Marketing Communication Staff, Lathe Operator, Milling Machine Operator, Purchasing Staff, and Salesman. In this Job Fair activity, PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri has the opportunity to select prospective employee candidates according to the required qualifications from each division and have good quality work.

In this case, many prospective job applicants who visited PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri's booth both simply asked questions and also immediately submitted their CVs to HRD. Job applicants who visited PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri's booth were given merchandise in the form of hand fans, hand sanitizers, and HRD name cards and if someone wanted to send their CV online, they could send it via email to

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