What is Tubular and How Is to Maintenance

Do you know what is a Tubular Heater ?


Tubular Heater is the most versatile heater among all types of heaters. This heater offers a wide range of applications, materials and shapes so that it can be applied to almost any demand.

Tubular Heater is the basic form of other types of heaters including: Immersion, Cast In Heater and Finned Heater.


Tubular Heaters have the advantage of being able to be used for high temperatures, and can be used for longer (lifetime).Behind the advantages possessed by Tubular Heaters, it should also be noted that Tubular Heaters have vulnerabilities, namely if, during use, the heat zone is not submerged in a liquid that can be heated, it can cause the heater to overheat. as well as the use of tubular that is not in accordance with the manufacturing application can also cause the heater to be easily damaged.


To maintain the stability of Tubular Heater products, tips and ways to care for Tubular Heaters that are more effective include:

  • Clean the surface of the heater regularly to avoid contamination with other materials
  • Then tighten the Tubular Heater terminal bolts
  • Routinely check heated height/volume.
  • Routinely check Ohm (voltage) and Mega Ohm (voltage meter) periodically


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