About Us

PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri (USM) Started as a "home industry" which was started by Mr. UTI MULIAWAN since 1992. With the hard work of all employees who are always committed to ‘producing only the best quality’ USM has now become a factory that employs 200 employees and has 10 marketing offices and 1 representative office.

With the brand name United Heater, USM has become a trusted mainstay in producing high-quality heating elements that are produced from quality raw materials and high-tech machines.

The best quality, competitive prices, fast delivery times, and warranty guarantees make UHI a qualified manufacturer of industrial heating elements in Indonesia. Even now UHI has been marketed to Vietnam and several countries in the Middle East.

USM's success is inseparable from the oppoturnity and trust that has been given by consumer loyalty to USM. Because USM highly upholds partnerships and is proud to be part of the success of the consumer's production process.

To ensure the quality of work and service, since April 2003 USM has implemented ISO 9001: 2000 which is applied throughout the scope of USM. And now it has been updated to ISO 9001: 2015. With the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015, USM will always prioritize customer satisfaction and continue to make continous improvements to improve work quality and professionalism.

Since its inception, USM has produced heating elements for all purposes, including :  

  • Cartridge Heater ( standard cartridge, cartridge nozzle)

  • Ceramic Heater (bobbin, ceramic band)

  • Infrared Heater (white body, black body)

  • Mica Heater (strip, nozzle, band)

  • Thermocouple (thermocouple type K,J,R,S,T,E, RTD PT 50,100,1000, etc)

  • Tubular Heater (straight, multiform, cast-in, finned, radiant, in-line)

  • Quartz Heater

In addition to these heating elements, USM also designs and manufactures heating units according to the needs of its consumers, such as:

  • Bath Production Oven (Drying Oven, Circulation Oven, Undercoat Oven, Topcoat Oven, etc)

  • Continous Production Oven (Conveyor Oven)

  • Furnace (Melting Furnace, Tilting Furnace, Mobile Furnace, Tempering Conveyor Furnace, etc)

  • Unit pemanas lain (rotary drying drum, hot water heater, oven box gallon, etc)

All heating units designed by USM have the following advantages :

  • Safety

  • Competitive price

  • Technical support

  • Low operating costs

  • Energy saving

  • Easy to operate

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Compact design


Here are some of the amazing clients we have worked with so far