Types of Heating Elements Used in the Plastic & Rubber Industry

Heating elements play an important role in the process of plastic and rubber industry. Heating elements are used to heat plastic and rubber materials at various stages of the production process which helps to improve the quality of plastic and rubber products. 

There are various types of heating elements used in the plastic and rubber industry, namely:

Mica Heater, has 3 types of models namely Strip Heater, Nozzle Heater, and Band Heater (heater material construction depends on the temperature to be achieved). Used to maintain consistent temperatures on extruders, injection molding machines, and other plastic and rubber processing equipment, ensuring proper material flow and product quality.

Ceramic Band Heater, used for heating plastic and rubber molds with injection molding, extrusion molding, and transfer molding processes. Band heaters can also be used for heating cylinders and tubes used in rubber production.

Cast In Heater, has 3 different types of materials, namely aluminum, brass, and iron. In the plastics and rubber industry, cast in heaters are used to:

  • Heating the mold to increase the temperature quickly 
  • Speed up molding time
  • Molding plastics and rubber with injection molding, compression molding, and transfer molding processes
  • Cast In Heater can be used for heating in rubber casting, vulcanization or curing process, and rubber drying. 

Immersion Heater. In the plastic and rubber industry, immersion heaters are widely used to heat raw materials before entering the molding or extrusion process. 

Each type of heater element has different advantages, and the selection of the right heater element depends on the needs in the plastic and rubber industry process. This includes factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, reliability, as well as being adapted to the operational environment.

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