Types of Heater Elements Used in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry uses several types of heater elements for different heating processes. Some of the commonly used heater elements in this industry are:

  • Flanged Immersion Heaters, maintain fluid temperature, producing a relatively moderate heat source. The heat generated will propagate into the viscous lubricant evenly and throughout the tank. Processing fuel oil, petroleum, light gas heating processes, and used for heat transfer in oil that circulates through large pipes or is stored in a tank.
  • Over The Side Heaters, one of the lightweight, practical, easily removable, and economical heater elements. In addition to being watertight, it is also equipped with a thermowell and several tubular elements that can maintain temperature humidity. Used for heating oil processing, degreasing, and preventing oil from freezing especially for outdoor oil tanks.
  • In Line Heaters/Circulations Heaters, use indirect heating to maintain flow, regulate, and control the temperature of the heated medium. Inline Heaters are referred to as the most efficient electrical elements because they start the heating process with room temperature and then recirculate at high temperatures that do not require much energy to reach the target temperature. This tool is useful for the oil/oil heating process, maintaining temperature, and controlling flow rates. 
  • Screw-Plug Heaters, designed for rapid heat transfer. Serves to heat gases and liquids in tanks. Screw-plug Heaters are used for oil and hydraulic lubricant processing, heating flammable liquids or gases that require explosion proof tanks.

Each type of heater element has different advantages, and the selection of the right heater element depends on the needs in the oil and gas industry process. This includes factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, reliability, as well as being adapted to the operational environment.

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