Tips and How to Maintenance Ceramic Band Heater

Ceramic Band Heater is a heater specifically designed to be used at maximum temperatures (> 350 C) compared to ordinary nozzle/band heaters. For 1 part construction, it can be made with a minimum diameter of 60 mm while for 2 part construction it can be made with a minimum diameter of 120 mm. Which can be used as a heater with high temperatures.


The advantage possessed by the Ceramic Band Heater is that the temperature can reach a maximum of 350 C or high temperatures. Behind its advantages, Ceramic Band Heater also has vulnerabilities that need attention, namely being prone to breaking when exposed to impact, breaking easily when exposed to liquids, and not being resistant to vibration.


Because the product is easily exposed to liquid, there are tips and ways to care for the Ceramic Band Heater, namely by trying not to get it exposed to liquid, then tips on maintaining the stability of the quality of the Ceramic Band Heater by using it which must fit properly and there are no gaps between the heater and the cylinder. then the last one, avoid the heater from impact.


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