Main Characteristics of Coil Heater Nozzle

In the Industrial world, Coil Heater, or often known as Cartridge Nozzle Heater, has become a new revolution of Nozzle Heater which can be made into various shapes according to demand and has a longer service life.

1. High Quality Material

Coil Heater comes in various material variants, including Stainless Steel (SUS 304, 316) and Incoloy 825. The availability of these high-quality materials ensures maximum durability and performance at high operational temperatures.

2. Heating Temperature

Along with its ability to reach temperatures of over 300°C, Coil Heater is an ideal solution in the industrial field for applications that require high temperature heating.

3. Shock Resistance

Generally has good resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

4. Energy Efficiency 

Coil heaters can be designed to produce efficient heat, which can save energy in certain applications.

5. Flexible Application

Coil heaters are designed for a wide range of applications, including heating Plastic Injections, Extrusion Barrels, Nozzle Blow Molders, Pipes, Holding Tanks, Drums, and various other cylindrical surfaces. Its ability to be adapted as needed makes it highly flexible and can be used in a variety of industrial contexts.

With key characteristics such as material diversity, high operating temperatures, extended service life, and flexible applications, Coil Heater is revolutionizing the world of industrial heating. This innovation not only provides efficiency in energy usage but also offers reliable and durable heating solutions for various modern industrial needs. 

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