Take note of this! 5 Points RTD Treatment is More Efficient.

Resistance Temperature Detector or abbreviated as RTD is the most widely used temperature sensor for process control. In the measurement process, RTD uses the principle of changing the resistance or electrical resistance of metals which are affected by changes in temperature.
Like a heater element in general, this RTD has several factors that are susceptible to damage, namely if the RTD occurs vibration or shock, collision, leakage current, or the RTD overheats which causes the RTD to be easily damaged. In fact, if the choice of material that is not in accordance with the application can make the RTD vulnerable to damage, therefore the suitability of the material must be considered first.
To avoid damage factors, here are some ways to treat RTD as a solution to keep it awake and not easily damaged.
1. Always make sure the connection is secure, there is no short circuit due to the sticking object
2. Periodically check the settings on the thermocontrol so that the readings are as desired
3. Clean the tube or pipe from dirt or attached waste so as not to interfere with the accuracy of temperature readings
4. Position the connection cable from the RTD to the thermocontrol in a safe place and close the connection line so that dangerous objects do not enter
5. Replace spare parts if they are not feasible.
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